Welcome to Theodolites.net -- an online resource for researching and finding the best price on your next theodolite or total station! This resource is created for amateur and professional surveyors alike; making it easy to get detailed information and pricing on digital and laser theodolites and total stations.

How Theodolites.net Works

This website features equipment from top brand-name manufacturers, including Leica, Topcon, David White and more. With detailed product descriptions, specifications and feature lists, you'll be able to learn more about each make and model of theodolite. Best yet, our comparison grids let you match up features from different brands and makes, letting you narrow down your decision more quickly.

Each make and model of theodolite and total station on Theodolites.net features pricing comparisons from pre-qualified, trustworthy retailers. It's a quick way to get a rundown of all online sources selling the piece of equipment you're looking for, with all prices listed in ascending order.

Product Selection

At Theodolites.net, we continually seek out new deals on equipment for inclusion in our product pages and comparisons. Additionally, new retailers are sought out regularly. If you don't see a specific product or model on our site, please contact us to notify us about it!

About Pricing, Shipping and Extras

All prices and shipping charge information is provided on Theodolites.net for each retailer. Sometimes, prices may change (it is not uncommon for prices to drop); therefore, be sure to migrate to the retailer's page for the item you're interested in to get expanded information about their pricing and shipping information. Products will also come with extras, including but not limited to a carrying case and plumb bob -- the specifics about these extras will also be listed for each deal on the retailer's website.

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