CST/Berger 56-DGT10 Theodolite

CST/Berger 56-DGT10 theodolite


More Information About the CST/Berger 56-DGT10

Easy to use for construction workers of all surveying proficiencies, the CST/Berger 56-DGT10 theodolite (Model# CSTN56-DGT10) is superior to standard contractor transits. Making it easy to plumb walls, align poles & fence posts and set slopes, this digital theodolite will instantly display horizontal & vertical angles in large numerical format on dual LCD screens for quick and easy reading. It features a simple 6-key interface with dual digital display. Align framing, position columns and build stairs and decks more easily with the 56-DGT10's optical plummet. It features a 30 speed telescope with a minimum 53" focus, and a 1:100 stadia ratio.

The CST/Berger 56-DGT10 is ideal for large work sites: its 5" angular accuracy with vertical tilt sensor monitors an x-axis tilt angle for accuracy. Features thirty speed magnification and a 450' diameter range, accuracy to 1/16" at 100' for accurate readings when plumbing columns and walls, or projecting lines. This theodolite quickly displays actual variance in true plumb and turns back to plumb position with accuracy.

The 56-DGT10 will automatically measure both horizontal and vertical angles with its incremental encoder detection system, rather than its user having to manually align vernier scales. These features make this theodolite so simple to operate at a construction site, that specialized training isn't necessary.



Angle Accuracy: 5 seconds

Magnification: 30x

Field Of View: 1°, 30'

Minimum Focus: 51" (1.3m)

Resolving Power: 3.5"



5" digital transit with vertical tilt sensor

Display of actual variance in true plumb

30-speed telescope with 450' diameter range (53" minimum focus)

Includes optical plummet to align theodolite over a reference point without a plumb bob

5-second horizontal and vertical readouts

Dual-sided, large LCD screen with six-key user interface

Vertical angle measure provides 3 different options with percentage of grade

Glass encoder

Auto power-off option

Zero resetting

Water resistant, strong sealed construction

Removable tribrach

Single-action detaching battery pack for quick operation


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