CST/Berger 56-DGT2 Theodolite

CST/Berger 56-DGT2 theodolite


More Information About the CST/Berger 56-DGT2

CST/Berger's 2-second digital theodolite features a host of time-saving features: optical plummet, dual LCD panels featuring large numbers, 5 to 10 second switchable horizontal/vertical angle readouts, 3 different ways to read vertical angles, built in illuminated cross-hair & display panel, horizontal angle measurement options includes both clockwise & counterclockwise settings, and an auto power-off option that triggers if the theodolite isn't moved in settable time increments of 20, 30 or infinite minutes.

The CST/Berger 56-DGT2 theodolite is constructed with a solid case, glass encoder and includes a removable tribrach for multiple set-ups.



Angle Accuracy: 2 seconds

Magnification: 30x

Field Of View: 1°, 30'

Minimum Focus: 51" (1.3m)

Resolving Power: 3.5"



Dual LCD panels with large, easy to read numbers

Includes a vertical tilt sensor that monitors tilt angle in the x-axis

2-sec. horizontal and vertical readout

Vertical angle measuring -- providing 3 different options including percentage of grade

Zero resetting

Includes removable tribrach for multiple set-ups

Battery pack is built in; can be quickly detached with a single action

Auto power-off feature that turns unit off after 20, 30 minutes or infinity

Water resistant with a solid, sealed construction


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