Nikon NE-100 Theodolite

Nikon NE-100 Theodolite


More Information About the Nikon NE-100

The Nikon NE-100 is a digital theodolite designed for both survey and construction work, and is IP54 water proof certified, meaning that the theodolite will be unaffected by water from any angle.

Affordable and giving you accurate measurements with a simple-to-use interface, the NE-100 has a host of features to make field work easier: a 4-key, one-touch interface operates commands on a back-lit LCD display. The display has a built-in reticle illuminator, allowing you to work in dark conditions including tunnels, mines and buildings or outdoor scenarios with poor or no light.

Set apart from other theodolite makes, the Nikon NE-100 runs on standard AA alkaline batteries for 48 hours with normal operation. An icon on the LCD screen displays the amount of power remaining.

Several frequently used features an be performed on the Nikon NE-100: reset horizontal angle to "0," lock a horizontal angle on your LCD screen while repeating/repositioning a measurement and convert vertical angles to percent-of-grade.



Angle Accuracy: 20 seconds

Magnification: 30x

Field Of View: 1°, 20'

Minimum Focus: 28" (0.7m)

Resolving Power: 3"



20-Second Accuracy

1.77" (45mm) Effective Diameter of Objective

IPX54 water proof

22 hour operation with manganese batteries,  48 hour operation with AA alkaline batteries

IP54 water proof

10 or 20″ angle reading

100 - stadia multiplier constant

Photoelectric incremental encoder reading system

Optical plummet focus range: 4.3 ft (1.3 m) fixed

Detachable leveling base


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