Topcon DT-209 Theodolite

Topcon DT-209 Theodolite

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Topcon's DT-209 theodolite with absolute circle reading technology as seen in Topcon's total station products, giving extremely accurate field calculations. Constructed with high quality electronics and optics technologies, the Topcon DT-209 is ideal for any survey job.

With 9" angle accuracy, the DT-209 is the first member of the DT-200 series. It has an angle mode that allows for more than 140 hours of continuous movement. Compact and light weight, this theodolite is easy to carry around in its hard shelled carrying case. The unit itself is IP66 water proof and dust proof.



Angle Accuracy: 9 seconds

Magnification: 30x

Field Of View: 1°, 30'

Minimum Focus: 39" (1m)

Resolving Power: 2.5"



9-Second Angle Accuracy

1"/5" Minimum Reading

Dual LCD Panels With Simple 4-Button Panel

Vertical Axis Compensator

Optical Plummet: 3x Magnification

Includes a RS-232C serial signal connector

IP66 Water & Dust Proof

Uses 4 AA Batteries; 140 hour theodolite operation


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