Leica Builder 200 9″ Total Station

Leica Builder 200 9


More Information About the Leica Builder 200 9"

A part of Leica's "Builder 200" series, consisting of 6" and 9" accuracy models. The Leica Builder 200 9" (also known as the "209") total station gives a priority to simplistic operation; developed to be sturdy and versatile for every construction job. The Leica Builder 200 9" is designed to require less set-up procedures with a quick 3-step setup wizard, also featuring laser aided layouts up to 260'.

As a part of the Builder 200 series, the 209 sets out boards and stores their data with precise transfers from plans to the worksite. There are no tapes, plumbing or strings required when using this total station.

The multilingual support feature of the Leica Builder 200-series allows you to choose a pre-set of 3 languages out 25 total languages, to assist on-site usage amongst diverse survey teams.

The Builder 200 features a PIN-code driven theft detection system, protecting your total station's data and preventing unauthorized usage. Without the proper PIN, the total station will not be unusable, and its data not be able to be erased. Check with your insurance carrier to see if you can qualify for lower rate because of this safety feature.



Angle Accuracy: 9"

Magnification: 30x

Field Of View: 1°, 30'

Minimum Focus: 66.9" (1.7m)

Resolving Power: ?



A 1-operator total station

Connects to third-party external devices via serial connector

Includes laser distance measure, laser pointer switch key

Control line, free choice setup

3 pre-set (of 25) languages

Includes a leveling aid

Sector beep

Laser plummet

Lithium-ion batteries: approximately 20 hours of use

Set delivery

IP55 rated

LCD screen highly visible in all light conditions

Data exchange with Bluetooth or USB flash drive


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