Leica Builder 300 9″ Total Station

Leica Builder 300 9


More Information About the Leica Builder 300 9"

Leica's Builder 300 total station series includes a handful of additional features beyond its predecessor 200-series; namely an extended dot range, calculation of volumes, call-up of plan data and record points, direct DXF download, and a host of USB features: industrial USB memory, USB type A and Mini-B stick usage capability and direct im/export to USB stick. This particular model, also known as the Leica Builder 309, has 9-second accuracy.

The Leica Builder 300 9" total station's data can be exported in DXF format, and read into AutoCAD on your computer or laptop with simplicity. Store your coordinates & point numbers in different layers, as well.

A theft protection system within the Builder 309 disallows unauthorized entry or tampering with the total station's data, and makes the unit unusable to anyone without its PIN code.



Angle Accuracy: 9"

Magnification: 30x

Field Of View: 1°, 30'

Minimum Focus: 66.9" (1.7m)



A 1-operator total station

Connects to third-party external devices via serial connector

Includes laser distance measure, laser pointer switch key

Control line, free choice setup

3 pre-set (of 25) languages

Includes a leveling aid

Sector beep

Laser plummet

Lithium-ion batteries: approximately 20 hours of use

Set delivery

IP55 rated

LCD screen highly visible in all light conditions

Data exchange with Bluetooth or USB flash drive


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